Blue Masque Theatre has three exciting touring productions at various stages of development.


Award-winning production “Bessie At Midnight, Alone” by Derek Martin toured festivals and community venues in 2022 – 2023. Its next tour is planned for 2024.


Two others – titles not yet revealed! – are in process.

(Photo: Shay Rowan)

“Bessie At Midnight Alone” by Derek Martin

(Wit and Wisdom meets Classical Ladies.)


Bessie is a harlot, waiting outdoors for a late client. This richly-written new play jumps around the centuries, not fixed in time. Packed with tense drama and fiery Northern wit, it has already toured festivals and won “Best Newcomer” at Birmingham Fest. Next tour dates to be announced soon.

Secret Project 1 :

(Wit and Wisdom meets Classical Ladies.)

This is a new adaptation of a beloved classic comedy novel by a female author. More information will be forthcoming on which one it is…..

Secret Project 2:

(What If / What Then? meets Wit and Wisdom)

This is a new dark comedy about phobia, technology and the future, which is currently going through the R&D process. It deals with an issue that affects a significant percentage of the British public.

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