Blue Masque Theatre is focusing on three different strands as it moves onto future work:


What If / What Then?

This is the strand for theatre that deals with science fiction, fantasy, and speculation in general. Rhonwen McCormack has been identified as a “What If?” director by Lyndsey Turner (National Theatre), and has a strength at building worlds and societies and considering the implications.


Classical Ladies

This is the discovery or revival of the wealth of stories by and/or about women. Plays, novels and historical events are part of this strand. Rhonwen McCormack is a passionate reader, and deeply interested in both history and past literature.


Wit and Wisdom

This is the strand for humour. Verbal comedy, physical comedy, and lively commentary on the world in general. Rhonwen McCormack is a talented comedy director, and does like to make an audience laugh.

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