Blue Masque Theatre is a non-profit organisation, and a company limited by guarantee. Even the smallest of donations helps the following:


  • Its mission of “Good Theatre for Thirsty People” means that it is committed to bringing theatre that is both stimulating and entertaining to a variety of locations. Touring theatre is the most accessible theatre of all.
  • Its “Classical Ladies” strand involves finding good roles for women and good stories about women, giving female characters agency, and looking beyond the mainstream canon for these stories.
  • Its “What If / What Then?” strand engages with current trends in hard science, social science, technology, and the realms of the imagination to consider life outside of everyday parameters.
  • Its “Wit and Wisdom” strand benefits people with the mental health aspects of amusement, joy and laughter.


You can help with this journey. Every gift, of whatever size, makes an impact. And is greatly, greatly appreciated.


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